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Motor Pool Sharing Software & Telematics.

Streamline. Modernize.



How it works






Real-time vehicle, driver, and pool location monitoring at your finger tips 

When your responsibility is assuring your driver's safety, vehicle reliability and uninterrupted access to your motor pool fleet there is no other system you can trust.  Not only can Motor Pool Automations automate your fleet but with its two - in - one vehicle sharing and telematics capabilities fleet managers can now maximize pool vehicle utilization and monitor key metrics with real-time vehicle visibility.  Gain at your finger tips access to critical vehicle data including driver, vehicle and location utilization, real-time GPS location, preventative maintenance schedules, speed alerts and more, Contact a Motor Pool Automations' Expert today to learn more.

How it works

Eliminate vehicle key exchange, vehicle availability issues and enhance your customer's experience 

Accessible from anywhere 24/7

The mobile friendly vehicle booking site allows your drivers to book pool vehicles from anywhere at any time.   Once a driver has successfully booked their vehicle they can choose to use the mobile friendly app or their designated RFID access card to unlock and lock any of the pool vehicles they've reserved, never deal with vehicle key exchange again.

Users who have administrative permissions, like the fleet manager, can see who is accessing what vehicle, from what location, how long the driver had the vehicle and see how far the vehicle traveled real-time.

Customer Service is our top priority

Why settle for anything but the best when it comes to fast, reliable and proven innovative motor pool technology and top notch customer service.  You won't be disappointed!

Fast turnaround

Automate your entire motor pool in 30 days or less.

Unprecedented Service

24/7 driver and administrative support.


Don't settle for a canned motor pool technology solution.

Join the movement toward a shared economy.

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    We've Come a Long Way

    "Our value is your time and your fleet" 

    With decades of combined experience in motor pool automation technology we guarantee your experience with Motor Pool Automations will far exceed your expectations without compromise.  Our commitment to unprecedented customer service and dedication to providing our clients with the most innovative and industry leading motor pool management technology is our mission. Whether you manage a Federal/State/Local/Municipal, College/University or Commercial Motor Pool, the in-vehicle technology we specialize in delivers a cutting edge solution providing you with real-time visibility to key fleet metrics used for making sound decisions around properly fleeting your motor pool.  Our end goal is to save your organization time and money in addition to keeping your drivers happy and safe.  We look forward to servicing your motor pool needs.

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